Ward Valve


Check Valves With Teflon® Seals
Patented Teflon® Seal - Range of Sizes from 1/4" to 4" - Range of Connections
Threaded Ends - Butt Welded Ends - Socket Welded Ends - Flanged Ends
Special features make the Ward Check Valve unique. A patented spring-loaded plunger (A) provides perfectly calibrated resistance to back pressure. An angled self-aligning disk (B) is positioned for positive sealing. Totally encapsulated by Teflon®, the silicone rubber disk flexes, thus insuring full line-contact seal... 

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Ward "Y" Strainers
Range of Sizes from 1/4" to 4" - Range of Connections

Special features generate the Ward Strainer's top quality performance. Its "Y" pattern design keeps fluids flowing with minimal obstruction. As fluid flows into the strainer (A), contaminants are strained out of the solution and collected on the screen (B) near the release (C). The Teflon body seal (D) is available with graphite for higher temperatures. Contaminant-free fluid flows out of the strainer's other end. The stainless steel screens (B) come in a variety of mesh counts. 

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